Tenant Handbook

After-Hours Building Access

Tenant Employee Access

All tenants are required to issue their employees access cards (See the ACCESS CARD & PARKING APPLICATION form in the FORMS section of this manual) in order to receive authorized floor access before and after normal building hours.  Access cards are provided by the Property Management Office.

When an employee leaves your Company, the access card assigned to that person should be retrieved and returned to the Property Management Office.  If it is not possible to retrieve the card, the Property Management Office should be notified in writing so the card may be deactivated in the system.  Please allow 2 business days for access card changes. The access system serves as a deterrent to unauthorized entry into the building; therefore, it is imperative that each tenant provide the Property Management Office with updates of personnel changes as they occur. 

Tenant Vendor Access

All vendors that are requested to perform services for a tenant that involves after-hours access to the building must be pre-authorized. Please complete the After-Hours Access Request form in the FORMS section of this manual and send to the Property Management Office at least 24 hours in advance of work to be performed.